Sheriff's Office Reports

April 22, 2010

William "Bill" Oldham, Sheriff

Dear Fellow Citizen,

I wanted to send you a letter announcing the 2010 Annual Report of the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office. This report gives a comprehensive look of the work this past year by employees in the various bureaus.

You’ll find how we have used more precise data to address crime, monitor the life-safety issues of inmates at the Shelby County Jail and ensure the appropriate use of your tax dollars. The Sheriff’s Office made great strides in the use of new, state of the art technology. Additionally, we worked to forge new relationships with neighborhood watch groups, churches and other agencies.

To save printing costs, we have chosen to post the 2010 Annual Report at the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office website. Just click link to view the document.

Please accept my thanks for your continued ideas, suggestions and willingness to help keep our community safe. Should you need to contact me feel free to call (901) 222-5560.


William "Bill" Oldham, Sheriff
Shelby County Sheriff

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