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Home Security Checklist


Complete the following checklist and take steps to improve any item that presents a potential security weakness. If you need more details contact the Crime Prevention Unit at (901) 867-1401.


  • Are all exterior doors and their frames strong enough to withstand an attack? Circle: Yes or No
  • Have you trimmed all bushes and shrubs to provide visibility to all windows and to prevent people from hiding near doors and windows? Circle: Yes or No
  • Do all your exterior doors have good quality deadbolt locks with no less than a 1 inch throw? Circle: Yes or No
  • Does your door leading from your garage have a good quality deadbolt installed? Circle: Yes or No
  • Do you have exterior floodlights or similar lighting illuminating all sides of your home at night? Circle: Yes or No
  • Have you documented and photographed all possessions including computers, furniture, jewelry, guns, etc. that are in your house? Circle: Yes or No
  • Do all of your exterior doors without glass have a wide-angle viewer installed for identifying visitors? Circle: Yes or No
  • Is your address clearly visible from the street in the event emergency people need to find you quickly? Circle: Yes or No
  • Did you change locks when you first moved into your home? Circle: Yes or No
  • Are there any inside locks that can be reached and opened (within 40 inches or 1 meter), should the door glass or any adjacent window be broken? Circle: Yes or No